About Us

OM “TOP LEASING & CREDIT” SRL is a company with foreign capital.

The founders of the company have a rich financial experience and an irreproachable reputation. Since October 2006, TOP Leasing&Credit has been working on the Moldovan market due to the professionalism and quality of its services. The success of the company is ensured by the company’s staff, created by a dynamic professional team, but also by the fundamental principles used in everyday business:

Quality . The company is customer oriented, offering favorable conditions and providing quality services.
Responsibility. The Company strictly respects the responsibilities and obligations set out in the leasing contract.
Rapidity . The company staff acts promptly in file analysis to approve as soon as possible  the client request.
Flexibility . The company has a wide variety of products and services and analyzes each client individually, promptly adjusting to changes in the financial market.
Confidentiality . All customer information provided in order to obtain funding is kept strictly confidential.

Our Team

Maria GORNEȚ, Comercial Director

tel.fix: 022 835 820

mobil: 069 062 280

Andrei BURLACU, Sales Manager

tel.fix: 022 835 820

mobil: 068 343 933

Cristina CEBANU, Sales Manager

tel.fix: 022 835 820

mobil: 069 099 227