” Today the car is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity”.

What are the benefits of purchasing a car through TOP LEASING & CREDIT?

  • You can buy a car from the car dealer or from individuals
  • Long financing period – 48 months
  • You receive the answer within 24 hours from the date the documents were presented.
  • To pay for the loan / lease, we accept all the sources of income (salary, income from remittances, rental income, entrepreneurial income)
”Time is very precious for me. Fast and very simple.”
Vasile, sales manager

– In case of funding by leasing, no additional guarantee is necessary, the purchased car represents also the guarantee of the granted funding

– In case when a loan is granted, you are the owner of the car

– Currency of funding EUR and USD

– It is possible to pay in advance, to extend the term of loan, to get an additional loan.

 Costs incurred by the client?

  • Loan Application Fee 2%
  • Annual interest rate of 11.99% in EUR or USD
  • CASCO car insurance
Good Value
Residual Value
Annual Interest
Funding Period
The minimum period is 1 year (12 months) and the maximum period is 4 years (48 months)
Application fee
Unique grant fee

Funding procedure LEASING

  1. Filling the request and presenting the necessary income documents for analysis
  2. Loan approval
  3. Signing the leasing contract
  4. Payment of advance, apllication fee and CASCO car insurance
  5. Registration and transmission of the funded car

Funding procedure LOAN

  1. Filling the request and presenting the necessary income documents for analysis
  2. Loan approval
  3. Registration of car on behalf of the client
  4. Signing loan and pledge contracts
  5. Payment of apllication fee and CASCO insurance
  6. Loan transfer is made after the registration of the pledge

Documents necessary for individuals:

1. Certificate of net monthly salary > Download the certificate of salary
2. Identification Card (copy)
3. Identification Card (copy) of wife/husband
4. Property documents (copy)
5. Employment record book (copy)
6. Health Insurance Policy
7. Invoices for the used utilities (telephone, gas, electricity, etc.)

For loan application it is necessary to present the following documents:

1. Constitutive act/ Statute of the society and other incorporation documents and their amendments.
2. Society Registration Certificate.
3. Extract of the State Register on associates and administrator – with maximum term of 3 months from its issue.
4. Order of Appointment of Administrator.
5. Copy of identity cards of responsible persons (administrator, chief-accountant).
6. Activity Licenses.
7. Tax Registration Certificate.
8. *Annual Balance Sheet certified for the last year with all annexes and balances in December.
9. *Quarterly Statistical Report No. 5-C on consumptions and spending.
10.Deciphering the main accounts of balance sheet in comparison with current situation (debtors, creditors, fixed assets, etc.).
*for the new established firms personal guarantees of administrators or other firm with history in capacity of guarantor can be presented.
For concluding a loan contract it is necessary to attach the following documents:

1. Copies of identity cards of persons authorized to represent legal person.
2. Decision of the Board of Trustees or General Assembly of Associates/Company Shareholders, for signing the leasing contract, specifying the value, duration, object of the Contract, the person who is authorized to sign the leasing contract (indicating personal data).
3. The last account extract.
4. Copy of the sheet with the samples of signatures from the bank.

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Frequent questions

You receive the answer within 24 hours from the date the documents were presented.
Yes, the payment in advance is possible.
Yes. For this you have to present confirmatory documents or a guarantor.
The monthly rates you pay in any branch of Mobiasbanca. Find the locations of the branches of Mobiasbanca here.
The sale of the car without full payment is possible only with the agreement of TOP Leasing&Credit.
For any questions, please contact us:
Commercial department – 0 22 835 820


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