1. Funding Request.
After choosing the supplier and the good, according to its needs, and the negotiation on the price and characteristics of the good, the client is addressed to the leasing company with a request of the bid.

Based on the supplier’s pricing, the leasing company makes a financing offer that reflects: the advance, the leasing rate, the annual insurance, etc.
2. Necessary documents presentation.
For analysis of a financial situation, client solvency and setting of the final conditions, it is necessary to present a set of documents, depending on the complexity of the funding object.

3. Request analysis.
After analyzing the financial, accounting and legal situation of the client on the basis of the submitted documents, a decision on the financing request is made. The evaluation of the leasing request is made within in maximum 24 hours.

4. Signing leasing contract.
In case of the financing approval, the leasing company will sign a financial leasing contract with the client and a sales contract with the supplier. The purchased asset will be ensured for the entire duration of the lease for any type of risk, the insurance will be paid by the user.

5. Financed objects delivery.
The delivery of the good it is made by the supplier and assisted by the leasing specialist.